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Jump start your Culture Change in an hour! Will your company let another year go by without it? 122 pages, 2 sections, 6 chapters, 2 applications, 120 years of behavioral science packed in a 5x4" book (in a readable font!). Available in bundles of 20 or more , over 30% off the retail price. Order for your team, conference attendees, members or any business leader in time for the New Year. Thank you. (And, you're welcome!) ( for larger orders over 100 copies contact 775.232.3099 for pricing and shipping estimates). 


You have taken the first big step to culture change in your organization—spending time at our website. So, by now, you should be well aware of the training, passion, and experience that Dr. Boyce can bring to your organization. Imagine that you can have a bit of what Dr. Boyce has to offer through his new book. Readers of advance copies of the Psychology of Leadership agree: 

“your book does an excellent job of covering what it proposes to do - describe for managers how they can be leaders”

“the two-way street approach (establishing a dialogue of participatory or interactive communication [as described in your book]) is so sensible” 

Click here to read a brief sample from the book. Now, take the next step to building a social community that supports the results you want.  Click the "add to cart"  on this web page to order your bundle of  20 books today for distribution to your managers within the next week. 

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The Psychology of Leadership Book

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